First Time Login Help

This is my first time using this system and I have only been provided a member number. What is the

login process?
Harvard Graduates Card

To login for the first time when you have only been provided a member number, follow these steps:


Visit and then click the Sign In button located at the top of the page.

Harvard Alumni Card Login


Click the Setup Your Online Account link located below the field where you enter your member number.

Harvard Alumni Card Setup Steps


Enter your member number and last 4 Digits of your SSN, then select Submit Enrollment

Harvard Alumni Card Setup


Requesting an Access Code:

You will be directed to a page displaying the secure contact information we have on file for your account. Select one contact from the list that you can immediately access and our system will deliver you a temporary secure access code within minutes.
NOTE: If all of the contact information we have on file is inaccurate or out-of-date, you cannot proceed any further. Please contact us to provide updated information.
Harvard Alumni Card User Enrollment


Phone Delivery: If you select phone delivery of your temporary code, just answer the phone
normally when the call arrives. You will be prompted to make a selection to hear your code, and
the system will give you the option to repeat the code, if necessary. Our system will not leave a
code on voice mail, so if you miss the call, just repeat the process.
SMS (Text) Delivery: If you select the text message delivery of your temporary code, you will
receive a very simple message containing the requested code. Standard text message fees apply.
Email Delivery: If you select an email account, you will receive a very simple email containing
the requested code. If you do not receive this email, please check your "Junk Mail" box. You can
configure your "junk mail" settings to allow future emails from our address.



Enter, or cut and paste, the temporary code you receive on the following screen.

NOTE: Do not navigate away from the screen. If you need to access a web mail account to

retrieve your code, please open a new browser window or browser tab.


Harvard Alumni Card Secure Access


Establishing your Preferred Password:

Once you have successfully entered your temporary code, you will be directed, step-by-step, through the completion of your enrollment. The process will end with you creating and confirming your preferred password that will be used in combination with your login ID on future logins.


Harvard Credit Card Account Setup


For security reasons, you will need to repeat this process on any unregistered devices.



The Accounts Overview screen shows your account relationships with the Credit Union, including your Share Savings account and your Harvard Alumni Card.


To view detailed information for your Harvard Alumni Card, click on the My Credit Card tab in the main navigation.

Harvard Alumni Card Account Setup


Once your Harvard Alumni Card is displayed, click once to access the online Card Center.

Harvard Card Account Setup


From the Harvard Alumni Card Center, you can view transactions and statements, make payments, access your rewards and more.

Harvard Card Account Setup




The Harvard Alumni Card and Harvard Alumni Card Rewards are offered by the Harvard Alumni Association in partnership with the Harvard University Employees Credit Union.