Harvard Alumni Card Rewards

Harvard Alumni Card Rewards

At its core, The Harvard Alumni World MasterCard® is an elite credit card focused on providing exceptional travel rewards for Harvard Alumni. With no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees you can use it wherever and whenever you want, all while earning rewards points and giving back to the Harvard University with support for financial aid programs.


Travel Rewards

No restrictions. No blackouts. Valid toward any commercial flight, hotel, cruise, car rental, and more!

Reward Point Total Travel Rewards

20,000 points 


50,000 points $625
120,000 points $1500

Cash Back

$1 cash back for every $100 you spend.


Reward Point Total Cash Back

25,000 points 


50,000 points $500
100,000 points $1,000

Merchandise/Rewards Mall

  • Items start at 25,000 Points
  • Earn Points at a higher rate when you shop in the Rewards Mall
  • Choose from premium brands such as Apple, Callaway, Williams-Sonoma and many more
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The Harvard Alumni Card and Harvard Alumni Card Rewards are offered by the Harvard Alumni Association in partnership with the Harvard University Employees Credit Union.